The She Shed

The boys of the house would assume that the woman’s place in the home is in the kitchen, well let me burst that bubble and say NOT ANYMORE. I wanted a space that I could explore my creative flare without 2 little cyclones I like to call my children passing through at every opportunity and…Read more »

One day…..

One day….. I’ll get used to wiping pee off the toilet seat daily I’ll get used to finding toast squished between the lounge cushions and wondering if it’s todays or yesterdays I’ll get used to the self-inflicted headaches from nagging all day long I’ll get used to waking up at midnight to you watching me…Read more »

What’s in a name?

It’s been 7 months since I married my rock, but I’ve only just changed my surname. Normally it’s one of the natural tasks that follows the big day yet for me it was a task I kept putting off. Growing up I’ve always known the traditions of marriage and never hesitated to change my surname.…Read more »