Firstly let me introduce you to Tina, who puts the BOSS in Boss Mama.

Tina McDonough

Tina is not only a biz mum but she is also a mother of THREE boys.


One thing I love about social media is its ability to connect strong, ambitious, creative, inspiring and AUTHENTIC women together, and Tina definitely fits the brief. Tina runs her own business  Three Little Boys Clothing which you may have seen me loving her mum threads.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tina and trying to grasp how on earth she also deals with being the only female in her household.

S: Wow so firstly, tell me what is it like living in a house being the only girl?

T:  Living in a house being the only girl is interesting you have to get used to boys thinking that making fart noises is funny or you are out numbered when it comes to what you’re watching on t.v, but honestly it’s quite good. I don’t have to worry about someone using my beauty products or fighting for the bathroom mirror. At the end of the day it’s really the best life and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

S:  A question I get asked a lot is if my husband and I would ever try for a girl as if we feel like we are missing something, we don’t feel this way at all. Is this something you would constantly get asked?

T: Oh yes i still totally get asked that question too and it makes me quite sad that people think I may not be 100% happy with being a mum of boys.  If we ever were to go back for another one it would be to have another baby but that ship has definitely sailed and I am so happy with our 3 healthy boys.


S: Let’s talk boy talk, doodles. Did they petrify you like they did me when you first found out you were having a boy? And how do you manage with the wee on the seat, the sword fights and what not?

T:  Omg that question is quite funny! No it didn’t worry me at all and luckily they only peed on me a few times when they were babies.  We have 2 toilets in the house which makes that a lot easier with that situation but yes there is always pee on the seat or floor in their toilet haha


S: Please tell me you have days where the boys wrestle and fight and you feel like you’re housing a WWF squad?

T:  Yep there are days when it feels constant like as soon as they get home from school its on, but most of the time they are really good and do get on well. Our two youngest, Kye and Blake, get on a lot better than Ethan, who is a bit older, and can tend to act more like a mum figure sometimes.

Life with kids is such an adventure especially with boys~ Tina

S: What are your survival tips for a mum about to have a boy?

T:  Mmm survival tips….I don’t know what you could say that would prepare you but i think you need to just remember that life with kids is such an adventure, especially with boys. Try and not get caught up in the negative and find more of the positives.


S: For those readers who don’t know, you are a mumprenuer running your own business, Three Little Boys Clothing, which I love! How do you manage to run a small business and be a mum at the same time? What tips do you give other Mums who are struggling to pursue their niche from home whilst being a mother?

T:  Thank you so much I feel so proud to be a biz mum and have worked so hard to get where I am but I am always learning new things along the way. At first it was so hard with juggling working at home but now all our boys are at school I am feeling so much more better about it.  I mean sometimes I still may not have cooked dinner and the house is a disaster but at the end of the day sometimes you can’t do it all and that’s okay.  I think the tip would be as long as you work out the balance between being a mum and running a biz you can totally do both. Plus have that wonderful support network that can give you the positivity to follow your dream.


S: Amongst being a wife, a mother and a businesswoman, how do you practice self -care on the daily or weekly to reset from the chaos?

T: Self care seems so simple but can be so hard to do and I struggle sometimes to find the time, but I am trying to focus more on that this year. I do Pilates once a week which helps a lot and also the bod by finch online exercise program. Plus just having that quiet cup of coffee and sitting outside on our patio reflecting on the day helps to recharge my thoughts as well.

I hope you have all enjoyed brushing shoulders with another mother of boys and reading that being a mum AND having dreams and ambitions CAN coincide with a bit of balance, support and hard work. 










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