The boys of the house would assume that the woman’s place in the home is in the kitchen, well let me burst that bubble and say NOT ANYMORE.

I wanted a space that I could explore my creative flare without 2 little cyclones I like to call my children passing through at every opportunity and to one day possibly grow it into a business space (with the addition of a pink SMEG bar fridge and coffee machine).

Living in a house full of boys there’s a lot of noise, nothing stays clean for long, Charlie is forever pulling out every pot and pan, every now and then a piece of LEGGO will drop you to your knees, the only throne you sit on comes with pee on the seat, anything in arms reach gets chewed or catapulted across the living room, basically it’s every man for himself. Don’t leave your valuables around or next thing you know Cooper will be wearing your never worn necklace or flinging and stretching your only good bra.

So by painting this picture of a normal day in my house, you

Coloure Inspirationcould imagine why I needed a “she shed” to study and work in peace. Living away from family and friends, a guest room was getting rather stale and our love shack (main bedroom) was not a place to be working up late in while hubby was trying to sleep. So the guest bedroom was shafted and it was agreed that I had free reign of my very own space!

I wanted to create a space with colours I couldn’t use throughout any other room in my house, so of course my colour palette consisted of blush pink, grey and gold.



Before- Blank Canvas

Once I found the wallpaper I fell in love with (Spoonflower) it was easy to build my space around that. Obviously I’m a mother and a student so things needed to be low budget. Everything styled in my room was from Ikea, Kmart, Big W and The Reject Shop.



After: My Haven

My life affirmation is to live life on my own terms, which is what I’m working so hard toward. With only having a year left of study, I would love to utilise those skills to run my own business from home either freelancing or building an online business. I want to be my own brand and boss. I will forever hustle to create a balanced, freestyle life that allows my family to come first and to also allow myself to run my own business.







This space is much more than just a She Shed, its a beginning, a nest where I want my dreams to grow into reality, it’s a promise to myself that I’m worthy of my goals.


3 thoughts on “The She Shed

  1. I love it! I hope I have my own She she’d one of these days. As a mother of 5 (4 of them being boys) and one very laid-back husband I know the frustrations and joys of not having time and space to think and create. Good on you for taking the space you need, I hope many great articles and blog posts come from that space while your finishing your studies, etc.


    1. Oh my goodness I hope you get a space to yourself also! I think if we lived closer to family and friends I would nt have been able to get rid of the guest room 🙈 but for now I’ll make the very most of every cm of quiet space 🙏💕


      1. I think I’ll have to wait till at least the older two move out to university in a few years before I get space but that’s ok. Moving closer to family soon so will have more helpers and therefore more time 😉


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