One day…..

I’ll get used to wiping pee off the toilet seat daily

I’ll get used to finding toast squished between the lounge cushions and wondering if it’s todays or yesterdays

I’ll get used to the self-inflicted headaches from nagging all day long

I’ll get used to waking up at midnight to you watching me at my bedside (creepy much?)

I’ll get used to always leaving the house with some form of your bodily fluids on me

I’ll get used to pinning your arms up during nappy change to avoid your determination to grab your doodle covered in poo

I’ll get used to playing the “is this poo or chocolate” game whilst wiping down furniture

I’ll get used to constantly refereeing your wrestling matches and qualms

I’ll get used to sharing my body, food and shower with you both



One day you will be 18 leaving home

One day the house will never be the same

One day my hands won’t be so full

One day you won’t be fighting over your mum’s attention, instead it’ll be other girls

Enjoy TO-day. Because one day all of this will be gone.


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