It’s been 7 months since I married my rock, but I’ve only just changed my surname.

Normally it’s one of the natural tasks that follows the big day yet for me it was a task I kept putting off.

Growing up I’ve always known the traditions of marriage and never hesitated to change my surname.


However, since losing both my parents, holding onto my family name felt like I was still connected to them in some way.

So today when I received my new birth certificate and name change certificate in the mail, my gut sunk… if I just received a rates notice.

My feelings are conflicted at present. I love that now I feel more connected with my little family we’ve grown by having the same surname and knowing I don’t have to confirm I’m their mother when it comes to correspondence and appointments. I love the fact I’m now an old ball and chain to my husband.

But… identity for the past 28 years has always been a Wright. As time goes on I know I’ll feel more at ease with my new title, and that it’ll sink in that there’s more than just a last name that connects me to my parents. For starters, there’s the Wright nose (it’s big and it’s real), the resting bitch face (my natural look)Ā  the dry sense of humor (it’s not for everybody) and the receding hairline (thanks a lot Dad) just to name a few.



2 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. You are hilarious Soph šŸ’–- I love reading your blog. I totally get it which is why I kept my last name and the poor kids have both last names. No idea what they will do if they marry šŸ˜³

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    1. Thanks Lissa Iā€™m so glad someone enjoys my brain dumps. The more people I talk to regardless of my situation also feel conflicted when changing their name, we have so much more freedom and choices since back in day


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