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When I was 19 I envisioned my wedding day being the replica of Kate Hudson in Bride Wars wearing the Vera Wang poofy gown and having every Tom, Dick and Harry there to witness how gorg I looked (the self centred years I know). Nine years later I couldn’t be further from the person I was nor my views on marriage if I tried. Why?

  1. I became a mother. Raising my boys, gaining a mortgage and living in the real world meant that a wedding was no longer a priority in the scheme of things.
  2. I was 19 at that point and hadn’t even begun to live yet, although I was with my now husband at the time, we had a lot to learn, some lessons together….and some apart.
  3. I travelled. Cliche I know, but when you quit your job and live out of a bag for 8 months being the most vulnerable you’ve ever felt, it puts the world into perspective and separates the needs from the wants in life.

It was August 2017, Allan and I had reached a limit in life of putting our relationship second to the kids, to work, and the most recent with the passing of my mum. We missed each other, funnily we saw each other every day and live in the same house. I’ve never been the girl who needed to be married to validate a future with someone, we had always planned to get married one day but  life just unfolds as its meant to. We stayed up talking one night and realised we are due for quality time together, I needed a holiday…an escape, and Allan is always up for an adventure. Whistler held a special place in both our hearts along our travels, things just began to fall into place and the rest is history.

Leaving the kids was exciting at first, but then it sank in how far away we were and how foreign it was to not have our two littlest loves with us. As we caught the shuttle to Whistler we were greeted by a winter wonderland, snow falling and fairy lights hugging the trees in the village. We spent our first day sleeping and our second day applying for our marriage license followed by our final catch up with our celebrant. All I could remember thinking was how did I become so deserving of such an experience.

The morning of our wedding we went out for breakfast together and then began to prepare in separate rooms.


We were both relaxed, no alcohol needed (winning). I met Allan in a field of knee deep snow at Rebagliati Park,  with the wedding planner having to dig a pathway to our first look and vows. It was everything we wanted, just us, no pressure, no nerves, no spotlight, no distractions, no fuss.


We sealed it with a kiss and a champagne toast, signed our life away and took a stroll in the snowy woods.



Our wedding from start to finish took an hour and a half. We wrapped things up and went back to our lodge where we skyped the boys before we headed out to our reception at the Bearfoot Bistro. Highly recommend!

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The next day our honeymoon began with snowboarding, coffee hopping, wandering through the village and resting.  We indulged in a day at Scandinave Spa, it was magical and really refreshed my soul.


Our overall trip away from the boys was 2 weeks. We dined out every night, making the most of date nights and the luxury of not having to cook. It was great being a couple on our wedding day and not having the responsibility of being parents. As selfish as that sounds, we give so much to our kids and that means that us being a couple comes second a lot of the time. It’s important to take the opportunities to have proper time together when you can, and we are so lucky that there was an opportunity where we could have our dream wedding and know our children would be in the most capable hands of my family in law. I did however, have nightmares each night that I lost Cooper in shops or that Charlie didn’t love me anymore, mothers guilt I guess, but I have no regrets.

We were lucky enough to have an amazing collaboration of creatives who captured our magical moment to share with our friends and family (details at end of post).  This was money well spent when we saw the reaction on my eldest boys’ face wanting to watch our wedding video over and over and telling everyone at daycare his mummy and daddy got married in the snow.


View our Wedding Video Here

Anastasia Chomlack- Photographer

Andi Wardrop- Film

Jeremy Postal- Pastor

Sam & Robyn- Wedding Planners

Gladstone Bridal- Wedding Dress

Kerry Waring- Hair & Makeup

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