Well it’s that time of year again and I swear I had only just packed the tree away not long ago! Amongst the chaos of the silly season, I’ve been reflecting on the evolution of my family’s Christmas traditions.

My parents gave my brother and I treasured memories of Christmas. My Dad grew up in a family that didn’t celebrate the festive season let alone put up a tree.

Dad’s last Christmas….yes that’s my brother haha

However, he was soon converted to the celebration when he met my Mum, who hoarded every Christmas decoration and ornament known to man. And Dad became just as bad over time insisting we assemble a 6-foot tree each year (go hard or go home). Dad’s witty sense of humour also introduced the Christmas Eve tradition of watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (a classic).

Over the years I endured Mum’s selection of carols evolving from Rod Stewart, to the Celtic Christmas Album, to Celine Dion and then ended with the undefeated (to this day) album of Michael Buble. 

The holidays meant that Mum broke out the good china and we ate dinner at the formal dining table (that got used once a year).

Christmas Eve 2014

Fast forward a few years, we’ve lost and gained family members and our traditions became more low key. Mind you the carols and excessive Christmas decos remained the same on Mum’s part.

Although these are nothing but fond memories now, I’d like the ink from those pages to spread through to the next generation of my own kids.

Christmas Family Photos 2015
Christmas 2013- My first white Christmas pre-kids- Whistler Canada

Now that we are older, gifts have become irrelevant and the hype transitions to food and the company we share. We now live vicariously through our children’s eyes when it comes to the magic of Christmas morning, staying up late waiting for Santa and opening the presents they’ve been wishing for all year.




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