Who knew behind 6 letters inhibited a 3-year-old boy who forever keeps me on my toes.

There’ll be days where I look out the window and see your jocks around your ankles weeing into your bucket to create sandcastle mixture.


There’ll be the days where I’m minding my own business and you pop up and shove your fingers under my nose telling me to sniff them..knowing dam well you’ve been fiddling your widdle.

There’ll be the days you use your brother as an obstacle to do your running summersaults over.

There’ll even be the days you’re in time-out and get back at me by pooing in your room and throwing it under your bed so I have to sniff and hunt it out.

But amongst all of that.. There’s the mornings you creep into my bed at sparrow fart, pull my blanket up to my head and kiss my cheek.

There’s the occasions you complement me on my dress telling me I look good mummy and even notice when I’ve had my hair done.

There’s that time of the month you worry about me and ask if I need a bandaid because it looks ouchy.

I’m sorry at times I add a storm to your chaos when I should be your calm….life has been challenging of late. But please…..don’t change your witty character…except for the poo parts, that I could live without.


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